Dave Tingley

Dave Tingley

Custom Administrator

Dave Tingley fell in love with music at the age of 12. Days, weeks, years even were spent sitting in his room just listening to music and playing guitar. He decided that music needed to be his focus in college and went on to enroll in the Music Industry Studies program at California State University, Northridge. During his time there, he was able to immerse himself in both the creative and business sides of music. This education was reinforced by an internship at Alfred Music in the business affairs department. Now he brings that experience and enthusiasm to help provide support for the APM Custom team.

Connie Red

Connie Red

Director, Custom Music Development

Connie Red’s devotion to excellence and enthusiasm for music and people have made her one of the most widely known and successful representatives in the music library field. During her long tenure at APM, she has worked closely with the composers and producers of the NFL Films music library and the Discovery Studios Tracks library. Her sensibilities and attention to detail get the most out of every project. Add in her extensive experience as a touring and recording lead vocalist for folk, country and pop bands, and you have the ideal liaison between clients and creators.


Some of the many composers we work with

Aaron Mader
Alexei Misoul
Bobby Banister
Cat Gray
Celeigh Chapman
Charles Newman
Chris Mathieu
Cody Falkosky
Cristi Vaughan
Dan Book
David Nathan
David Wade
Ed Gorski
Emily Hackett
Ernest Adzentoivich
Fred Kron
Gregg Allen
Gregg Lehrman
Jack Elliot
Jacob Miller
Jason Parris

Jeff Rona
Jochen Flach
Joey Peters
Jonathan Monroy
Jon Persitz
Justin Pearson
Ken Oak
Kevin Terry
Kyle Moore
Lawrence Katz
Louis Yoelin
Martin Nessi
Matt Naylor
Matt Tryggestad
Matthew Thomas
Mauli Bonner
Michael Reaves
Michael Thomas Geiger
Nathan Lee Joyner
Nathan Rightnour
Oliver Spencer-Wortley

Paul Alborough
Paul Dehlin
Peter Nappi
Petra Haden
Ramin Sakurai
Randy Coleman
Reina Williams
Ryan Keaton
Ryan Scott
Scott Stallone
Shane Divine
Shannon McArthur
Shay Raviv
Sonny Rey
Steve Rucker
Steve Ouimette
Todd Isaac
Tom Hedden
Tom Hirschmann
Tori Marshall
Yan Perchuk
Yossi Shaked